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Two men put their determination and stamina to the test during 44days of icy temperatures, freezing winds and physical exhaustion. As the first Finnish expeditionto the South Pole, they skied more than 1000 kilometres to the etelänapaSouthPole,their courage challenged every day.

They had to believe in success.

A century ago, the Amundsen and Scott expeditions fought their way through the white desert. Now, a century later, the same stormy goal still draws explorers.

Reaching the South Pole, Kari Poppis Suomela joined the elite of polar explorers. Before him, only eleven others have skied to both the North and the South Pole without outside support.

SOUTH POLE- WINDSWEPT DREAM: 192 pages, 150 color pictures. Price 49€
Book has publish in english, in swedish and in finnish

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The expedition of the Airborne Ranger Club reached the North Pole with typical Finnish grit on 29 April 2006.

It planted the Finnish flag onto an ice block in the middle of a frozen Arctic ice field as a mark of accomplishing its goal.

Over a period of two months, the polar explorers skied a total of 800 kilometres and encountered all but impassable rubble ice, crossed open water and survived freezing cold down to -40° C without outside support. Only 32 people in the world have succeeded in the same before them.

NORTH POLE- ARCTIC CHALLENGE: 184 pages, 150 color pictures. Price 40 € Book has publish also in finnish: POHJOISNAPA - JÄINEN HAASTE


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