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Mountains share many elements with polar regions. The crucial thing is to find the motivation to live outdoors for two months and keep a constant focus on reaching your goal.

The main difference between polar expeditions and expeditions in the high mountains are the altitude and the thin air, which causes a risk of altitude sickness. There are of course differences in daily routines, too.

Polar expeditions move forward every day, carrying all equipment and provisions, whereas mountain expeditions make gradual progress toward their goal. You leave the base camp for higher altitudes several times to acclimatise or to get used to the thin air, but you also return to the camp. Each outward journey progresses a little higher than the previous one.

Our expedition will set off from Kathmandu, the Nepalese capital. Following a short flight, we will begin a two-week approach on foot to the base camp at the foot of the Khumbu glacier. The slow advance and moderate speed will ensure best possible adaptation to higher altitudes. During the subsequent three weeks, the expedition will prepare for the section above the base camp, setting up several intermediate camps on our way toward the peak. The peak will be reached sometime between the middle and end of May. Poppis set off on 29 March 2012. He will return to Finland in the beginning of June.

poppisPolar explorer POPPIS SUOMELA (b. 1966)

Poppis is an experienced polar explorer. He has skied across Greenland, to the magnetic North Pole, the North Pole itself and the South Pole. He is the 12th person in the world and the only Finn to reach both poles on ski and unsupported.

Poppis has three children. As a photographer, he has travelled around the world in some of the most challenging environments the planet has to offer. For the past 20 years, he has run his own business and published books and exhibited his photographs of his expeditions. For the past ten years, he has worked as a journalist specialising in trekking and as a test manager for the Finnish Retki outdoor magazine, with responsibility for its equipment tests.


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